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The Colette Museum in Saint-Sauveur-en-Puisaye

The Colette Museum is in the castle of Saint-Sauveur-en Puisaye since 1995.

The story of the castle

A keep unique in France

In an exceptional site, the keep of the XIth century named “Tour Sarrasine” (Saracen Tower) and the castle of the XVIIth century are built on a rocky spur. They dominate the village and the high valley of the Loing.

In 1600, François d’Agnes bought the lordship of Saint-Sauveur. He began the construction of a new castle. With his daughter’s wedding with Charles de Courbon, the castle belonged then to this man.
The Pavillon Louis XIII (Louis XIII lodge) was built in the South.
In 1687, Pierre Nigot was the new buyer. He realized this building in the taste of the Great Century of Louix XIV.

The gardens and their outhouses

They receive various events:
- Fair of January, 30
- Carnival
- Book fair in the spring
- Potter fair.

crédit photo : Françoise Le Meur



crédit photo : Françoise Le Meur

The Colette Museum

An International Museum

Colette was a French writer with an international influence. That is why it was appropriate to create an amazing museum.

This museum is in Saint-Sauveur, native village of Colette she loved so much. (“J’appartiens à un pays que j’ai quitté”).
Colette did not live in this castle but she lived in Saint-Sauveur, the country of her childhood. That is why the Colette Museum is in Saint-Sauveur! Saint-Sauveur is the village she described a lot in her books.

The Colette Museum is a literary museum.

It is like a work of art! It is an amazing museum!

Translation: Marina Gouot


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